Hotel Crime


New generation, live role game! Our marathon investigation mixes the exercises of our popular logic rooms with the exciting detective experience of our crime games. With these elements with can guarantee a complex, exciting game full with rolls for bigger groups. You have two basic goals: open all the locks as in an escape room and solve the mystery. We hid double fun in one game!

Duration: 120 minutes / 69 minutes - the same stroy with more/less tasks
Number of participants: 10-20 people (in case of more people we create more groups)
Difficulty: 10/10 - we advice the program mostly for bigger groups
Venue Relocation only! All over the country! With filling the booking form we can calculate the relocation fee. Relocation is free in Siófok. Home? Hotel? Office? School? Only one room is necessary where all the participants have comfortable space to play. We install the game venue here.

Find the best for your taste:


The Revenge - More stories are coming soon

A murder happened in one of the biggest hotels in the Town of Mysteries, but the crime scene has been sabotaged. As you are the advisers of the police, your task is to solve the case that the police could not accomplish it alone.

While you are breaking up the locks of the evidence luggage, you find more and more pieces of a puzzle... the documents of a mysterious forgotten murder, and your task is to do justice!

The duration of the program with 10-20 ppl is 69 minutes.